Lent Course 2022


As we journey through life, we face challenges – both big and small. What spiritual essentials will help us survive life’s storms?

“Lentwise” is a five-session course which helps us to deal with the rigors of real life. Using fresh insights from John’s gospel, it explores: direction, nourishment, wisdom, refreshment, and security. With extensive guidance for leaders as well as for group members, “Lentwise” is an inspiring and practical choice for house, cell and Lent groups.

Each session contains enough material for 90 minutes and includes: guidelines and full background notes for leaders; a passage from John’s gospel, freshly translated by the author; prompts to aid both discussion and understanding; inspiring quotations and personal stories; prayer exercises; ideas for using multimedia in the group, and resources to support worship together.



The course begins on Wednesday 9th March at 7:00pm in The Link.

If you wish to join, please sign up here: Lent Course