Vision & Mission questions

The following questions have been posed to the parish over the last six Sundays.  It’s not too late if you have missed any.  Please email your answers to

Week 1

What is your dream for our parish?


What is the one thing you would like to see in the parish vision  that would be meaningful to you?

Week 2

  1. i) What do you think we do well as a parish?
  2. ii) And how does this (these things) serve God’s purposes her in Haslemere?

Week 3

What experience have you had in this parish that has made you feel closer to God?

E.g. Things you have done, ways you have served, or events/courses attended.

Week 4

How might we as a parish be connected to more people in Haslemere?

Week 5

What ‘gifts’ (skills, talents, time) might God be calling you to use to serve in the parish?

Is there anything particular you feel called or able to do?

Week 6

With a calling to be ‘salt and light’ in the community, what do you think are the most important needs (and opportunities) in our area?




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