Everyone who lives in the parish or who has a strong connection with us is welcome to have their child baptised in St Bartholomew’s or St Christopher’s.  Please check achurchnearyou.com to see which parish you live in.

Baptisms take place during our 10am Sunday morning services, which alternate between St Bartholomew’s and St Christopher’s.  We try to offer baptism services at each church once a month, with the exception of Lent and Advent.

In bringing a child for baptism parents make a decision to start their child on a lifelong journey of faith.  Parents and godparents thank God for the gift of new life and promise to help and support the child in their growth in faith. The church also promises to welcome the newly baptised and to pray for them. The baptism service requires parents and godparents to make promises and declare their faith, and sometimes parents who have not been baptised choose to be baptised alongside their children.  If you have reservations about the commitment involved, or wish to let your child make the decision for themselves when they are older, you might like to consider a Service of Thanksgiving for God’s gift of your child.

If you would like to consider baptism, for yourself or for your child, please speak to one of the ministry team at the end of a Sunday service.  We will then arrange a visit to discuss the practicalities and to help you to prepare for this special celebration.  (Please note, the Parish Office can not offer dates without an introduction from the ministry team.)