PCC News – August 2017

As many of you will be aware, the Parish is currently facing a challenging time on a number of fronts, and the PCC would like to start a regular communication to ensure that our whole congregation is kept informed.  We welcome your feedback on how it might be improved, and any general comments and questions.

Mary’s Absence

Thank you all for the concern and prayers offered in support of Mary. Several of the PCC are in touch with her and we convey your best wishes. Mary plans to return to us, but this may take some time.  Please keep her in your prayers. The Churchwardens, supported by the PCC  will continue to run the Parish in Mary’s absence, and we look to all Parishioners for encouragement and practical support.

The Service Pattern

We have been very blessed with support from Clergy from inside and outside the Benefice. However, securing clergy to officiate all of our services is difficult, and it is clear that we will not be able to maintain the usual service pattern through August and September.  After a very thorough discussion and a period of prayer at the PCC meeting last month, the PCC decided that the service pattern will have be set to match the cover available.

We will prioritise our single 10am Parish Eucharist service at either St Bartholomew’s or St Christopher’s, and aim to support and maintain all the youth activities.  Services that do not require a licensed minister to officiate may continue.

This is not a change to the permanent service pattern, but rather an interim measure until Mary’s return.

Unfortunately, it does mean that the service pattern will change from week to week and we will all have to check the times and locations of services on the calendar.

Let us look for the positive benefit of worshipping more often as a single parish this summer. If you have any concerns or questions we do ask you to bring them forward to any member of the PCC, so that we can manage this period in unity.

The Parish Picnic at St Christopher’s on Sunday 20th August provides another opportunity for fellowship, and an informal chance to talk to members of the PCC.

Parish Gift Day 20 August 2017

At the recent PCC meeting we had an informative presentation regarding our reserves.  We are fortunate to have these, largely as a result of generous legacies.  However, it is clear that they won’t last forever which underlines the need for a successful Gift Day to help us balance the books. We are blessed to have two beautiful parish churches within which to worship, but they are costly to maintain.  Building repairs needed within the next year if we are to maintain safe and water-tight buildings are estimated to cost around £40,000, in addition the £15,000 spent so far.

Please find details of the Gift day on the web site, or take a brochure from church if you have not received a pack, and give as generously as you can to the Gift Day on 20 August.

Summer Youth Activities

The Summer Reach Project replaced the Wave this year due to the lack of availability of a venue for holiday club. Our young people spent the last week of July clearing   gardens, litter picking, engaging other young people at the skatepark and putting on a Family Fun Day and BBQ for families with young children at Lion Green on 28 July. We also spent time worshipping, praying and learning about our identity in God. It was an inspiring week.

Projector in St Bartholomew’s

We have been very privileged to have been offered a bequest in celebration and memory of Norman Rogers. Reflecting his support of youth activities, the PCC has agreed to explore the use some of the bequest for the provision of a projector and screen in St Bartholomew’s.

There has been some concern expressed as to whether this is in keeping. Please be assured that the PCC is equally conscious that the aesthetics and beauty of the church must be preserved, and subject to a technical test by the vendor, we have identified a location where neither the projector box nor the screen will be in view when not in use. Once we have the results of the technical survey and a quote for the cost we will be reporting back to the congregation on the details of the installation before the PCC confirms the go ahead for this project subject, of course, to approval from the Diocese.

If you are still concerned, please see a member of the PCC.  We are hugely grateful to the support of Norman’s family and believe that improvements such as this are aligned with the Diocese aim to have all Church buildings equipped to serve the church community as needs change over time.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the PCC:

Dorothea Nattrass (dorothea.nattrass@gmail.com)

Robert Fox (Churchwarden2017@haslemereparish.org)

Howard Body (Deputy Warden)

Alistair Morgan (Treasurer@haslemereparish.org)

Andrew Culshaw

Ann Dibben

Cathy Moore

Hamish Donaldson

Linda Donaldson

Lucy Costa Duarte

Lynn Lemar

Margaret Morris

Marion Thomas

Peter Sellars

Richard Reincke

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Sue Farley

Tessa Trollope

Contact details from office@haslemereparish.org.



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