Parish Praying – July 2016

Here are the parish topics that we prayed about on Monday 11 July at the first of the monthly Parish Praying meeting.  Please do use it in your own prayers, and look out for a new list next month.

  • A summer spent together: new friendships and new ideas and initiatives coming from shared worship.
  • Our youth and children’s programme: with no replacement for Charlotte we will need to build a much larger team of volunteers to keep things going in the autumn.
  • Our welcome to visitors and seekers: people to come forward and be part of the welcome team at St Bart’s and a general sense in both churches that welcome is part of everyone’s mission.
  • Ruth Pattenden, as she begins her ministry as a Pastoral Assistant after her year’s training. More people to follow in her footsteps, and also the pastoral visiting team.
  • Sandy and Justin as they begin training for ordained ministry, juggling work and study and family for the next three years.
  • Our PCC, which has 5 new members this year, as they seekGod’s will for our parish.
  • Plans for the autumn, including Harvest and Stewardship, the meditation course, training for intercessors and chalice, the Carpenters’ God Factor course, preparation classes for a new group of children to receive communion.
  • A new approach and focus for our fundraising for mission, including people to come forward to organise events like the Christmas Fair.

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