• Dear Friends – Introducing Vision & Mission

    Dear Friends “We whom the Spirit lights, give light to all…” I’ve always loved this line from the post communion prayer, so I was really happy when someone wrote it on the board as their response to the first week of our consultation towards a parish vision and mission. As

  • Dear Friends – October 2016

    Dear Friends Like many of us, every year I’m left breathless and surprised by the coming of September – new season, new term, new beginnings, and end of the August relaxation. This year has definitely been no exception. As well as all the usual fresh starts, September 2016 has seen

  • Dear Friends – August 2016

    So the very last of the schools has broken up for the summer holidays – farewell and good luck to St Bart’s Year 6s – and a spell of perfect summer weather is enough to make us forget the torrential downpours and chilliness of recent weeks. There are other things

  • Dear Friends – April 2016

    Dear Friends There is so much I want to say in this letter that I’ve negotiated with the Link magazine editor for not twice my normal space but three times as much! Sponsored walk in Galilee and related thoughts The first thing is to thank everyone who sponsored me for

  • Dear Friends – February 2016

    Dear Friends This is one of those years when Easter falls early, which means that Lent begins not much more than six weeks after Christmas. Apparently the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Patriarch have plans to avoid the disruption caused by this variability by fixing the date of

  • Dear Friends – December 2015

    Dear Friends I’ve been given three pages (in the Haslemere Link magazine) this month, which is just as well as there is rather a lot to catch up on and tell you about. First of all, and perhaps most important personally, this is my first “dear friends” from the new

  • Dear Friends – October 2015

    Dear Friends Welcome to our parish Season of Reflection. If you have been at any of our services during September you will probably have heard about this, but this letter offers me an opportunity to remind you about what we are doing and why, and to invite you to play

  • Dear Friends – July 2015

    Dear Friends As you can see from many of the articles later in the magazine, it’s been a really busy few months for the parish, and for me personally it’s included not only a pilgrimage to the Holy Land but also whirlwind trips to Durham and Glasgow to attend graduation

  • Dear Friends – April 2015

    1 John 3.16-24 John 10.11-18 Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. One thing that we don’t currently have as a parish is a mission statement– something that could run as a banner across our new website, appear at the top of our weekly

  • Dear Friends – March 2015

    Dear Friends The calendar this year means that if you receive or collect your magazine as soon as it comes out you will be reading this at the beginning of Holy Week, and so I want to begin this letter by encouraging you to come to as many of our