Lent Course: Abraham – A journey through Lent

abraham course

Throughout Lent, we are challenged to discern where God is taking us in life, encountering new and unfamiliar ideas.   Come on a journey through Genesis which follows Abraham’s story of being called, of challenges, of false turns and unbelievable promises, and experience their relevance to your own faith and the world we live in.   Encounter a God whose love and faithfulness covers all our disbelief, our mistakes and our own faithlessness, and whose promises always come to fulfilment.

WHEN?                 Thursday Afternoons at 2:15 pm for 6 weeks from 11th February – 17th March

WHERE?               The Link, Derby Road

NEEDS?                A copy of Meg Warner’s Book; Abraham – A Journey Through Lent (SPCK).   It is available from Amazon (Paperback £7.99 or Kindle £6.47 or used stock available).

MORE INFO        Peter Sellars (Tel. 641032) – let Peter know by Sunday 7th February if you would like him to order a book for you.

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