Keeping Lent in 2016

 …….in these forty days

you lead us into the desert of repentance

that through a pilgrimage of prayer and discipline

we may grow in grace

and learn to be your people once again.

Through fasting, prayer and acts of service

you bring us back to your generous heart.

Through study of your holy word

you open our eyes to your presence in the world

and free our hands to welcome others

into the radiant splendour of your love.

                     from the Eucharistic Preface for Lent

                      Common Worship: Times and Seasons


A pilgrimage of prayer and discipline…..

This year our shared Lenten focus is on developing our understanding and practice of prayer, both private and corporate, with an opportunity too to learn more about Abraham and the relevance of his journey to ours. He was certainly someone who knew how to talk to God, and had no hesitation in doing so.

For private study there are recommendations for books, including one on the traditional discipline of meditation, and for a course of lectures on Praying the Psalms at the Cathedral. For anyone who wants to fast, the guidance Sandy Clarke prepared in 2014 is available in church.

Please do think and pray about how God might be calling you to live Lent this year – the more of us there are who take this seriously, the more we will grow together in our faith, our worship and our outreach.

Download the 2016 Lent leaflet: Keeping Lent in 2016 for the details of courses and events starting Ash Wednesday, 10 February.





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