Join in the Poppy Pinning sessions!

Haslemere’s Great War Centenary Project is well underway, helped by locals schools, scout and guide groups who are busily producing handmade poppies which will cascade from the flagpole of St Christopher’s Church.

The mission to attach thousands of handmade poppies to the net before the new Flagpole is dedicated on Sunday 22 April  is a big one!  Drop in sessions are running at at St Christopher’s for anyone who can spare an hour or so to help with the task, and these will continue until further notice, but may be necessary until the deadline of the dedication service on Sunday 22 April at 6pm.

Sessions are now running:

Weekday afternoons from 14.30-17.00

Saturday mornings from 10-12

Sundays from 14.30-17.00


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