Invitation to diocese Common Purpose meeting

Common Purpose: Farnham and Godalming Deaneries


08 February 2016 19:45-21:15

Address: St Andrew’s Church, Farnham , GU9 7PW

Following the Common Purpose Survey and the Clergy meeting on Common Purpose, six evenings will be led by Bishop Andrew before and during Lent to focus on the health and growth of God’s Church in the Diocese.

The event for Farnham and Godalming Deaneries takes place at St Andrew’s Church, Farnham on February 8. It will include both prayer and feedback from the survey, which was filled in by around 1500 people – the biggest such survey that any diocese has attempted.

Each event will take place from 7.45-9.15 pm, and lay and clergy people from throughout the diocese are encouraged to attend. Each evening is focussed on two deaneries, but people can attend an evening in a different deanery from their own if they so wish.

The format of each evening is as follows:

7.45:      Refreshments.

8.00:      Welcome and some input from Bishop Andrew.

8.10:      The Survey Results: a Presentation and Questions, with a focus on:

– Where is God already at work across the Diocese?

– What is holding back the health and growth of God’s Church?

– What should be our priorities as parishes and as a diocese as we seek to grow in spiritual maturity, in numbers and in community engagement?

8.40:      A Time of Listening Prayer as we reflect on the survey, with a chance for people to write down thoughts, insights, words of scripture etc.

8.55:      Where Next? Charting the way ahead.

9.00:      A Service of Night Prayer, with intercessions for the health and growth of God’s Church and a final Blessing.

9.15:      Close.

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