ROTAS for Sunday Services

Readers and Intercessors: please note that the readings are published on the News Sheet a week in advance (with the service details for the following Sunday).

8:00 Holy Communion

at St Christopher’s 1st and 3rd Sundays, at St Bartholomew’s 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays

  • Sides people:   1st Geoff / 2nd Alan / 3rd Maggie / 4th Raymond / 5th Geoff
  • Servers:   1st Christopher / 2nd Tony / 3rd Tim / 4th Tony / 5th Tony

10:00 Parish Communion

at St Bartholomew’s 1st and 3rd Sundays, at St Christopher’s 2nd and 4th Sundays

Sunday Church Reader Intercessions


03-Dec St Bartholomew’s Pat Dutton Justin Manley-Cooper
10-Dec St Christopher’s ALL AGE N/A ALL AGE N/A
17-Dec St Bartholomew’s Paul Bagshaw Nick Beare
24-Dec No 10.00am service
31-Dec United Benefice at ASG
07-Jan St Bartholomew’s Roger Edge Richard Reincke
14-Jan St Christopher’s ALL AGE N/A ALL AGE N/A
21-Jan St Bartholomew’s Ruth Pattendon Richard Taylor-Goo
28-Jan St Christopher’s Sarah Mulliner Tessa Trollope
04-Feb St Bartholomew’s Sue Farley Tim Dutton
11-Feb St Christopher’s ALL AGE N/A ALL AGE N/A
18-Feb St Bartholomew’s Wendy Neate Zoe Clarke
25-Feb St Christopher’s Bridget Leary Angela Jones

11:30 Matins / 18:00 Evensong

Date Service 1st Reading Gospel
08-Oct Matins Linda Tony
22-Oct Evensong Mayor LL of Surrey
12-Nov Remembrance Sunday – no matins
26-Nov Evensong John Linda
10-Dec Matins Tony Catriona
24-Dec Christmas Eve – no Evensong
08-Jan Matins Don John
22-Jan Evensong Linda Tony
11-Feb Matins Catriona Don
25-Feb Evensong John Linda
11-Mar Matins Tony Catriona
25-Mar Evensong Don John

Download pdf: 10am Readers&Intercessors – Aug17-Mar18