There are four bible study groups meeting on weekday-evenings at 7:45 pm in members’ homes.

They provide an opportunity for getting to know one another on a more personal level than on a Sunday, and to discuss issues of faith in a friendly and secure environment. Numbers vary from 6 to 13 people per group, and each session ends in prayer for the needs of our parish, and for individuals.

Three of the groups usually work through published booklets covering topics as diverse as “Making Decisions” to introducing a book from the Bible. York Course materials often come with audio-visual introductions to promote discussion, and Scripture Union publications are also used by mutual agreement. The theme is one of applying our faith to situations that are found in everyday life. Groups meet weekly except in Advent, Lent and over holiday periods.

One group studies one book of the Bible at a time in depth. Members take it in turn to prepare a presentation on each chapter using a shared set of resources, and alternative interpretations are discussed afterwards. This group is open to members from other denominations, and meets on alternate Tuesdays. If you’d like to join a group or for more information please email the parish office.