We are approaching Advent once again, the Church’s New Year, the season when we get ready to celebrate God’s gift of his son to the world.  At this time of planning, present buying and preparation, we are inviting all members of the congregation to remember the reason for all this activity – that God so loved the world – and to respond by making a New Year gift to the Church on Advent Sunday.

We had hoped that our regular giving would have increased significantly during the course of the year, but that was not to be.  Our giving has increased by just c£4,000, not the £30,000 we had hoped for to support the ongoing work of our church, to maintain our buildings and to avoid annual Gift Days!

Stewardship is something we will need to come back to in 2019, but in the meantime we are asking all who read this to contribute as generously as last year so that we can enter the New Year on a sound financial footing.

Please read on from the brochure here: Gift Day 2018, and use the form Reply slip & GA dec as you find appropriate.

For more information on the Parish’s finances and Stewardship, you might like to refer to the Stewardship information we published at the start of the year.  Find this under Get Involved.

The Rector and the Wardens